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Pillow Collection

Indulgence Pillow

This pillow fill is made up of elasticised polyester, allowing for good bounce back, the pillow cover is a durable Japara cotton cover.

Available in:
• Standard pillow size 45x70cm, fill weights of 500gsm, 600gsm,  700gsm & 800gsm
• Single piped edge 500gsm and/or 600gsm
• Double piped edge yellow ID thread 700gsm

500gsm PILLOW:Suitable for student accommodation and for anyone looking for a low pillow.This pillow fill is made up of elasticized polyester, allowing for a good bounce back, the pillow cover is a durable Japara cotton cover.

600gsm PILLOW:Our 600gms fill weight pillow could be best suited for guest accommodation or for anyone looking for a medium to firm fill pillow.

700gsm PILLOW: Our 700gms fill weight pillow could be best suited for guest accommodation or for anyone looking for a medium to firm fill pillow

800gsm PILLOW: Hotel Guest loves our micro-loft fill pillow collection, making this pillow our most popular to date. Manufactured with a gorgeous micro-loft fill, soft feeling 233 thread count cotton cover, with a coloured ID thread piped edge/ Gusset side, perfect to identify the fill weight during housekeeping.

Please Note: All sizes and weights shown above are approximate.


All our pillows are machine washable – warm wash using a mild liquid or powder detergent, avoid adding bleach or whiteners to the wash, tumble dry on a low heat/cool setting, or you can air dry the pillows if you have the space to do this.

Helpful tip: Our pillows have all been compressed packed into plastic bags, we recommend that you release/ tear open the plastic bag to allow air in, if you can leave the pillow overnight prior to use, this will give you the best bounce back results.

Feather & Down pillow
Feather & Down pillows

Feather & Down Pillows

Looking for a feather blend pillow – we’re able to supply pillows that have been partly manufactured within Australia, Made from byproducts of duck feather and duck down


Material 70% duck feather with 30% duck down

Cover Japara Cotton

Standard Size 45 x 70cm

King Size 50 x 90cm

Other blends we can supply on request are 

80% feather/20% down

50% feather/50% down

85% feather/15% down

Please note all sizes and weights shown above are approximate.

We have minimums to purchase feather pillows, a minimum of 8 pieces per blend per size,


Feather pillows generally can only be washed through a dry cleaning service.

Not suitable for people with allergies

Breeze Air Memory Foam Pillow


  • Luxurious knitted cover
  • Slow release memory foam is designed to mould to the shape of your head
  • Non-allergenic, sufferers
  • Medium density
  • ideal for asthma and allergy

Standard size 65x40x14cm

Stayfresh Pillow

Available in 700gsm or 900gsm standard size 48 x 73cm

The Stayfresh pillow by Freshotel is designed specifically for the rigours of the hospitality industry, delivering a down-like feel for outstanding comfort but with antimicrobial benefits for a fresh, clean and healthy guest experience. Zipper close.

The Stayfresh pillow cover is constructed with our unique Miracle Layer, a breathable and stain-proof silent skin, which is easily wiped clean, ensuring the pillow is sleep fit for every new guest.

The hypoallergenic ball fibre fill is designed to provide the comfort of down but with the resiliency to support the head and neck and minimise flattening.

Our patented Breathe-A-Vent technology ensures the pillow remains cool while sleeping and avoids billowing.

Care clean with damp cloth.

Jason Commercial Pillow Heavenly Dreams

Heavenly Dreams Pillows Premium cotton japara cover for strength and durability, with virgin polyester fibre filling


• Premium 100% cotton japara cover
• Hollow conjugate polyester fibre filling
• Made in Australia

 Dimensions Weight
Standard:  48 x 73cm 600gm  Soft profile.
Premium:  48 x 73cm 700gm Medium profile