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The Vacumi VC3 Wet And Dry Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

VACUMI Water Filtration Allergy Vacuum
WATCH VIDEO:Click on picture for a video on the VACUMI VC3 wet and dry vacuum cleaner
VACUMI-Water Filtration Kit List
VACUMI wet & dry vacuum
Can be used for wet or dry vacuum
Vacumi-Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
VACUMI Water Filtration Allergy Vacuum
WATCH VIDEO:Click on picture for a video on the VACUMI VC3 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Keep your Carpets, Mattresses, Lounges Clean and Dust Mite Free.

The Vacumi VC3 Wet & Dry Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner – a revolutionary solution meticulously designed vacuum cleaner, to provide unparalleled relief for individuals suffering from asthma, allergies, rhinitis, sinus problems, and pet-dander related issues.

Vacuum Your mattresses, carpets and furniture to remove dust mites allergens.

Vacumi VC3 stands at the forefront of innovation with its unique allergen vacuum that harnesses the power of a water filter, delivering the most comprehensive solution for your home, office, or hotel space. The VC3 goes above and beyond by effectively capturing not only common allergens like dust mite poop and pet dander but also tackling dust, dirt, and grime particles, ensuring a thorough clean that surpasses the capabilities of typical vacuum cleaners.

What sets VC3 apart is its utilization of water as the primary filtration method. By doing so, it entraps unwelcome elements as small as 3 Microns, preventing any potential release through the advanced 3-stage filter system. This natural, chemical-free approach is essential for those deeply concerned about the health and well-being of their families.

With Vacumi, allergens, dirt, dust, and pet dander remnants are efficiently trapped within the water tank, eliminating any chance of escape or dispersion within your living space.

Moreover, Vacumi takes indoor air quality to unprecedented heights through its 3rd stage HEPA filtration system, ensuring that the air released into your home is 98% free from harmful particles. This advanced filtration process establishes Vacumi as the ultimate choice for individuals dealing with respiratory conditions and those seeking an effective solution for pet dander and bed bug control.

The VC3 doesn’t stop there – it boasts the versatility of functioning as both a dry and wet vacuum, coupled with a convenient blower function. To cater to diverse applications, the unit comes equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories and attachments. Vacumi VC3 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner is not just a cleaning device; it’s a transformative solution that elevates your living environment to a new standard of purity and freshness.


  • Remove dust mites allergens from mattress, carpets & furniture
  • Vacuum up liquid spills
  • Over ~95% of all Allergens are Filtered out in the water tank.  A following ~3% is filtered through the HEPA filtration.
  • 1400w Variable Speed Stepless Motor
  • 19000pa Suction Power
  • The unit is supplied with a range off accessories and attachments to suite just about every application.
  • 15L Tank Capacity
  • 10m Cable Length
  • 75db Low Noise
  • Wet and Dry Vac
  • Has a Blower Feature
  • A Washable 2nd Stage Foam and 3rd Stage Hepa Filter,
  • Experience the Vacumi VC3 Difference

1. Superior Filtration: The VC3 excels at trapping various particles, from dust and dirt to allergens, pet dander, and even bed bugs, all within its water filter tank.

2. Enhanced Air Quality: Unlike conventional vacuums, the VC3 significantly improves indoor air quality by preventing released particles during vacuuming. While other vacuums, including those with HEPA filters, often release allergens back into the air, the VC3 ensures a cleaner breathing environment.

3. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to disposable bags and ongoing expenses. With VC3, you won’t need to purchase or replace disposable bags. Simply empty the water tank after each use, saving you money and reducing environmental waste.

4. Ultimate Versatility: The VC3 isn’t just limited to dry cleaning. Its wet vacuum feature effortlessly handles liquid spills, making it a versatile cleaning solution. Additionally, the built-in blower function aids in drying wet areas and blowing away debris, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

5. Allergen and Odour Management: Our innovative water filtration process captures allergens and effectively reduces pet odors, transforming your home into a fresher, healthier space.