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Mattress Protector With Straps

Wholesale-Mattress Protector Strapped 1
King zippered mattress protector
For a King zippered mattress order long single mattress protectors 92x203cm

Made from a durable and soft to the touch 100% microfibre fabric cover. Our mattress protectors are one of our best-selling items within our product ranges. 

Life can be made easy when using microfibre quilted mattress protectors, as microfibre will not go out of shape like 100% cotton fabrics can — no more hourglass protectors on your beds! 

Most stains could be easily removed from the microfibre fabric, leaving you with a clean, possible stain-free protector for your beds. 


Bev Martin Textiles

Material 100% Microfibre fabric on both the top and bottom of the protector with an impressive diamond stitched design

Fill 100gms Polyester

Fastener Four durable elastic corner straps with reinforced stitching

Sizes Single 90x190cm, King Single 104x203cm, Long Single for king zippered mattress 92x203cm, Double 137x190cm, Queen 152x203cm, and King 182x203cm

Please note all sizes and weights shown are approximate.

What is Microfibre – a synthetic fiber, finer than one denier or thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometres, smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. Most common types of microfibers are made from a blend of polyesters and polyamides. The combinations of synthetic fibers are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, and electrostatics, filtering capabilities.


Warm wash using a mild liquid/ powder detergent, avoid adding bleach or whiteners to the wash, tumble dry on a low heat/cool setting – as microfiber fabrics are quick drying

Avoid high heat settings or over drying as this will weaken the fibers causing shrinkage, breakage and burning of the fabric which can shorten the life of the item.