Why You Need Waterproof Mattress and Bedding Protectors By Cover & Protect

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They’re Not Just For Incontinence or Bed Wetting.

The purchase of new mattresses represents a considerable financial investment. It is therefore important that through the use of a quality waterproof mattress protector you inexpensively protect this investment from everyday spills and stains and early deterioration. It will also ensure you and your family are guaranteed a healthier night’s sleep.

We all know that mattresses and pillows can yellow over time. Many of us think this is just a normal part of bedding, but it does not have to be and shouldn’t. Those stains are often caused by ones perspiration (the average person losing an average litre of water a night), shredded skin flakes (yuk) and everyday spills and stains that seep into bedding, slowly becoming food for dust mites, whilst also promoting the growth of mould and bacteria. As many as 2 million dust mites can live and breed in unprotected mattresses. A waterproof mattress protector protects you, and your family from these nasties and early bedding deterioration.

Waterproof protectors
prevent spills and stains
Waterproof protectors
are allergen barriers

Did you know, after 5 years, up to half the weight of an unprotected mattress, or a mattress with a poor quality protector, is made up of your own bodily fluids, skin cells, bacteria and mould? It’s not hard to believe when a third of each day is spent on the exact same mattress, and the average person loses up to 1L of fluid a day, through the skin, pores, and mouth, as well as millions of skin flakes.

Waterproof protectors
are dust mite barriers
Waterproof protectors
are bed bug barriers

In an independent laboratory test to find out what lurks in the average unprotected mattress, results found that there are:

  • Dust Mites – as many as two million in an unprotected mattress
  • Bed Bugs – they are becoming increasingly common in Australia, and are constantly adapting, forming natural resistances against pesticides
  • Allergens – such as pet dander (dead skin cells and hair), and dust mite waste particles
  • Bacteria and mould – growing as a result of stains and moisture
  • Stains – a result of sweating, the body’s natural acidity, make-up, accidents and spills


Recent studies show that as much as 30% of the population are allergic to dust mite waste. Despite their tiny size, dust mites produce 10-20 waste particles per day! Each of these contain a protein known to trigger allergic reactions and asthma. If that weren’t bad enough, these proteins are so light that they disperse into the air, ready for us to inhale when disturbed by everyday activities such as vacuuming, dusting or moving about in bed. Attempts to eradicate dust mites are likely to be unsuccessful, however if allergic a quality mattress protector with an allergy barrier can minimise exposure.

Sleep well at night knowing you and your family are sleeping on a clean and hygienic bed by fitting waterproof protectors from Cover & Protect.

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