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Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback!

To Cover and Protect

“Just a quick note to say a VERY BIG thank you for the mattress cover. I ordered Wednesday and it was delivered to Collinsville in North Queensland on Friday. It was for the 3/4 size bed and the king single was a perfect fit. Thanks for the fantastic service. It has cut back on my work load by half. This time of year is our ‘Maintenance schedule’ and the level of dust etc has been reduced immensely with the deep cleaning of our mattresses due to using your product. I’m very impressed with the ‘cover and protect’ mattress protectors.”

Christine  18/5/2001

“We have received the protector and have installed this now. It is an excellent product and exactly what we needed Thanks again for all your help”


“I am very happy with the quality of my bed protector. It fits and protects perfectly. I was impressed with the responsive service and prompt delivery.”


“The Cover and protect mattress protector has a well finished classy/expensive appearance, and is appealingly soft on top as well as on waterproof backing. The service was quick and efficient and I would buy one again.”


“You will not find a better protector for your mattress! Truly really comfortable to sleep on, and long lasting as well.”

C. O’Brien
Manager 3/5/14
1st Choice Appliance Rentals Purchasing Officer

“No more bedbug bites! I’m very happy, think you so much. Your customer service is impressive and I would definitely recommend your products. Thanks again and happy holidays”


“Received mattress and pillow protectors, they’re well made, not too thick & just what I wanted, thank you Cover and Protect”

NSW 26/9/2021

“Thank you for the prompt delivery and great products you supply. I have fitted out all of our hotel with the waterproof mattress protectors and pillow cases. I am so happy with the product, they fit perfectly and very simple to clean… I highly recommend these protectors to anyone whom is in the accommodation industry.”

Naomi Williamson
Manager Best Western Karratha Central Apartments

” purchased two Quilt protectors- Waterproof. I have found the product to be every bit as functional as advertised. It is a very good product. Processing and delivery was also very prompt.”

Judy Gray

“I have a dust mite allergy and have found these to assist greatly. Due to Cover and Protect products reliability, we use these products at the Group home I work in, assisting to make the lives of many easier,cleaner and much healthier.”

Vanesa Konakoff

Message to Cover and Protect 1/12/17: Ordered zip covered king single waterproof protector & 2 waterproof protectors with skirt for autistic teenager They are great – fantastic products – I have spoken to other mums of autistic children & recommended your products


Message to Cover and Protect: It simply works. I have not seen one bed bug since installing the Allerzip mattress cover. Considering all the chemicals I used in the past this is by far the safest option.

From: Michael Cass Nov2017

Message to Cover and Protect: I was thrilled to discover this website and purchased tencel mattress and pillow protectors. They were just what I’d been looking for. Excellent quality at a good price. The service was efficient and quick, I’ll certainly be buying more in the future. Thank You.

From: Gail Fountain

Dear Anthony, Just wanted to thank you for your help, and for sending the parcel via express post. I received the kit today. I know how busy you are at this time of the year, and really appreciate your help. All the best Niloofar

Niloofar Qld

The Cover and Protect products are excellent value, great to wash don’t loose shape. Great customer service and prompt delivery. I have mattress and pillow protector’s and find these products better quality than others I’ve previously purchased. I’ll never shop anywhere else now!!!! Thank you Maxine Vic  

Maxine Vic 25/2/19

We have been using Cover & Protect bed bug protectors in our hostel for years AND we have not had an outbreak since we put the covers on the mattresses.  We are extremely happy with them and we highly recommend these and all Cover & Protect products for use in all types of accommodation facilities as well as in the home.

 JOAN Vic 25/3/2020

Thank you Cover and Protect. I just love my new Protect A Bed Staynew Absorbent Cotton Terry Fitted Style mattress protector plus AllerZip pillow protectors. They really are worth your money.

Anita QLD14/4/2022

Hi Anthony

“I found the service from you and your company to be professional and efficient. Delivery of the products was super-fast and the price charged for delivery was the best I have come across. As you can appreciate items delivered to Far North Queensland can be expensive, however Cover and Protect was able to meet my needs and because of this sealed the deal. Upon opening boxes, I found products to be of extremely good quality. I will have no hesitation in ordering from Anthony and his team in the future”

Nick Pelucchi
Sea Temple Resort & Spa Palm Cove


“We have found the fitted protectors to be very successful in keeping our mattresses clean. I am confident when children stay that we are going to have no accidents and besides the mattresses look very tidy even when bedding has been stripped away.”

25/9/2002 Rosalind  Manager Boat Harbour & Seashells Resorts

Thank you Cover and Protect

“I purchased a mattress protector and pillow cases for my teenage son who sweats a lot during the night. The products are fantastic! He loves the fact that they are waterproof and doesn’t sound like a plastic bag when you sleep on it. The service was awesome – l had my emails responded to very promptly.”

Regards Wendy   
Secondary School Nurse – Kurnai & Lowanna Colleges Victoria. 


“I am extremely happy with my mattress protectors. I bought them for two reasons, one being because I was afraid of bed bugs, we had them once five years ago and as a result I am rather paranoid. The bed bug experience was quite traumatic, I had to throw out my mattress, so I thought the price of a protector to be nothing compared to replacing a whole mattress!!!! I also want to protect my son from dust-mites as he sometimes has respiratory issues and I like knowing that he is as protected from dust mites as possible. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The quality seems excellent and they do seem almost unbreakable and stain proof. I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone. Thank you for your excellent product.”

Kalinka 22/8/13

“I just wanted to let you know that the protector arrived yesterday and I have just had a lovely night’s sleep on it, thank you so much for your prompt service.”


“Just a quick note to say a VERY BIG thank you for the mattress cover. I ordered Wednesday and it was delivered to Collinsville in North Queensland on Friday. It was for the 3/4 size bed and the king single was a perfect fit. Thanks for the fantastic service.”

Christine from NTH QLD 5/3/2001

“I just wanted to personal send you an email to say a BIG Thank you for your prompt delivery and service yesterday! Thank you for directing me to your website and fast delivery. I got woken up this morning to receive my deliver I ordered yesterday afternoon! I appreciate it so much! I will definitely be recommending you to my family and friends!! I have left feedback on your website too but also wanted to send you an email to show you how you have made this customer very happy!!”

NSW april 2014

“Our cleaners love them as they are easy to manage and do not slip off of the beds. The added protection against bed bugs is also a relief. We will definitely be purchasing from Cover and Protect in the future. Thank you,”

Carissa Woolford
June 2016

Thank you Cover and Protect March 2016 I am very happy with the “Protect-a-Bed” mattress protector. It is easy to fit and the terry surface is very soft and comfy over the rather hard cot base. And thanks so much for your prompt and efficient service – I was so impressed! Ann Girraween  NSW

Girraween NSW

Message Thank you Cover and Protect: We bought a mattress cover to completely enclose our mattress to prevent allergy. It was absolutely perfect although now we have a very deep mattress and it does not fit. We still use it on top though as nothing is close in quality. It does not move under a tight fitting sheet. Highly recommend.

From: KYLIE FREWEN-LORD 29/10/17

I bought the Allerzip pillow case for my son who has dust mite allergies and it has reduced his hay fever symptoms dramatically. Thank you Julie Qld

Julie Qld Feb 2019

Message to Cover and Protect Dec 2017: Thanks for your help when we were infested by the dreaded bed bugs. Your down-to-earth advice was invaluable and your bed protectors saved us from having the throw out and repurchase all our beds! Thanks again

From: Madeline Oliver

The Allerzip Products are great for protecting and extending the life of pillows and mattresses. Help with our asthma symptoms. Thank you Cover and Protect Mary  

Mary S.A. February 2019

Thank you all at cover and protect for the excellent products I puchased from your online store . Great product information & service, many thanks     

Mary S.A. February 2020

Thank you Cover and Protect Product works and excellent backup service many thanks  Tony  NSW 13/4/2022

“I would just like to thank you for your great products. We purchased king bed mattress protectors for all of our holiday rental units and they are marvelous. It is very reassuring to have a complete wrap around protection which literally seals in the mattress away from grime and germs while still allowing it to breathe. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting complete mattress protection. I made initial enquiries at a local shop where we live and waited two weeks for a product which ultimately never arrived. When I ordered through your website the goods arrived within two days. Thank you for your great online service.”

Meika and Rob 
Coffs Harbour


“Our order for the purchase of our mattress protectors was speedily and efficiently dispatched and we had our order delivered within a matter of days. Most appreciative of the immediate attention to our request.”

Best Western Country Pathfinder Motor Inn, QLD



“The quality of both mattress cover and pillow covers is superb – they are a snug fit, easily washable and very durable. They are the most useful bed linen product I have yet found and I am very pleased.”



“We were very happy with the quality of the mattress encasement protector and for the quick delivery. Our daughter has quite a severe allergy and we noticed an improvement in her sleep patterns and general health almost straight away.”


“I purchased queen size mattress protectors and bed base protectors from Cover & Protect as well as bed bug barriers for the feet of the beds in early 2010 and we are now bug free! We thought we had them back a couple of weeks ago and after talking with Anthony he helped us greatly in discovering that bed bugs were not the problem this time and we got to the bottom of the problem, even though Anthony could of sold us another lot of products his professionalism came through and he pointed us in the right direction. These products are amazing and anyone who has had bed bugs will know how hard it is to beat these little creatures! Cover & Protect products are amazing! Thanks again to Anthony for helping us beat the bug!”

Andrew Balmain

“Just a short note to report back about how impressed I am with your ‘cover and protect’ mattress protectors. The best thing since sliced bread. It has cut back on my work load by half…. I’m very impressed with the ‘cover and protect”

Angela Richards
Best Western Lorne Coachman Inn.

“Many thanks for the excellent & friendly Customer Service over the phone yesterday. The products arrived this morning & are exactly what I was after. I’m very happy to have discovered your online store & then to have spoken to you”

Traci Pyrmont

“Thank you for the Pillow Protector, it has been perfect. The Pillow Protector is very soft underneath your face, easy to wash and dry, excellent quality, we have been very happy with our purchase.”

Joy Greenshields

“Returned from 3 month trip to find insects had taken up residence in the matress and carpet, probably carpet beatles. Have had no further problems and now I sleep easy. Impressed with the Quality of products and rapid next day delivery. Think they should be mandatory in all hotels.”


Thank you Cover and Protect My son has severe allergies to dust mites, I bought the Allerzip dust mite mattress and pillow protectors… they have made such a difference!

From: Bianca Gatt 29/11/17

Message to Cover and Protect nov 2017: The Allerzip Cover & Protect for king size doona has been excellent. With two new puppies to the household and sleeping with me they were having a few accidents in bed. My doona has been saved many times since and the protector cover is easy to clean. Is a great product. Thank You.

From: Terri Matthews

Message to Cover and Protect: I bought 1x queen and 2 X double bed mattress protectors 4 months ago. They are really excellent quality with waterproof protection but silky soft top layer and they launder easily. Impressive Eco features as well. The service was impeccable- very quick shipping and excellent price for quality. I highly recommend Cover and Protect for quality products, competitive price point and high level of service!

From: Jenny

Thank You Cover and Protect I purchased the Allerzip mattress pillow and Quilt protectors It is helping my allergy and eczema, I sleep much better now. The delivery was very quick and happy to use this product. Thanks Yumi

Yumi ACT Feb 2019

We have been so happy with the dust mite protection kit we purchased for our son. He has severe dust mite allergies and the mattress, doona and pillow protectors have been fantastic at helping to control the symptoms. He slept in a bed without the protectors for a week and his symptoms became worse again, even continuing his medication.

We are keen to purchase another set for our daughter who is showing similar symptoms while we wait to have her tested.

Thanks again!

Josie 25/8/21