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Mattress Protector Dust Mite & Allergy Commercial Quality Bedding Protection KIT

Asthma & Allergy Bedding Protection Kit includes:

  • 1 x  waterproof mattress encasement protector
  • Hotel quality
  • 1 x  100% cotton non-waterproof quilt/doona protector
  • 2 x  Allergy waterproof pillow protectors
  • 2 mattress depth sizes 18-24cm & 24-33cm
  • NOTE: 1 pillow protector for Single kit & 2x for Double, Queen and King kits.




Mattress Protector Dust Mite & Allergy Commercial Quality Bedding Protection KIT

Please Note: If bed wetting is an issue we highly recommend you also purchase our waterproof linen protector for complete mattress protection click this link to our linen protectors

Kit Includes:

1x Mattress encasement protector: Our unique encasements will give complete mattress protection from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, spills and stains. Encasing of your mattress will trap and kill dust mites, bed bugs, and eggs inside the encasement by putting an instant stop to their food source. An additional feature of this product is its ability to protect your mattress from wear, tear, and stains. A 90gsm knitted Jersey fabric is used which has a 0.2mm TPU lining. The microporous TPU lining is essential for this product to be effective. Once fitted our Bed Bug And Dust Mite Waterproof Mattress Encasement will provide the whole family with a clean and healthy sleeping environment. The hypoallergenic surface is soft, waterproof, and cool. Its design allows it not to trap body heat. These are not like plastic sheets and as such, DO NOT crinkle or make unwanted noise. Along with being hypoallergenic, this product comes with a velcro flap and micro bug zipper. The velcro flap helps to protect against accidental openings.
Once installed, this product is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard mattress protector placed over the top of this item. This standard mattress protector can be washed weekly to avoid having to unseal your mattress.

1x 100% Cotton Quilt/Donna Protector: The Quilt and Doona Protector, Non Waterproof, 100% Cotton Dust Mite Protection. The latest in textiles technology, Our 100% cotton quilt and doona protector will protect you against dust mites, bed bugs. You will find these effective against conditions such as Allergies, Asthma, Rhinitis & Eczema. This encasement is easily unzipped and removed for ease of laundering. You can machine wash with your sheets and tumble dry on medium heat. The hypoallergenic surface is soft, cool and breathable. Excellent for the warmer months and those who get hot easily. This item is a commercial grade product and has the same protection the whole way around. Not all encasements are made equal. Before purchasing a quilt encasement ensure that its microporous and has the same protection on all sides. Our 100% cotton is OEKO-TEX certified. It has been tested for over 300 dangerous chemicals and additives which are found in most cotton fabrics on the market such as carcinogenic & allergy-inducing dyes, pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde etc. Oeko-Tex certified products are required to have skin friendly pH which is perfect for allergy sufferers.

2x Commercial Quality Waterproof Dust Mite Pillow Protectors: The perfect solution for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers. Keep bed bugs, dust mites & allergens out of your pillows and Provide a healthy, allergy-free sleep area where you need it most. These protectors-have a smooth sleep surface & breathable waterproof backing with zipper closed.

Please Note: The cover will stretch 4 to 5cm in any direction and fit all mattresses sold in Australia. If your mattress is between 24 to 27cm in height, then either size will fit – however, the 24cm size is suggested for the best fit.

Note: Single size kit contains one pillow protector.

Kit includes:

Mattress Protector Dust Mite & Allergy Commercial Quality Bedding Protection KIT 2
Total waterproof mattress encasement protection
Mattress Protector Dust Mite & Allergy Commercial Quality Bedding Protection KIT 3
Waterproof Dust mite pillow protector
Mattress Protector Dust Mite & Allergy Commercial Quality Bedding Protection KIT 4
100% cotton non-waterproof quilt protector







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