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Dust Mite Control

The amount of house dust mites will vary depending on where you live. Climates with high humidity and warmer temperatures have higher household dust mite levels.  This microscopic, eight-legged creature loves to feed mainly on our dead skin cells we shed every day, along with pet hair, pet feathers, insect scales, and even its own droppings.  As we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping in our beds, so high levels of dust mites are often associated with the bedroom, especially in our mattresses, pillows and bedding. It doesn’t matter how house proud you are, how often you clean, dust and vacuum these little mites are hard to eradicate.

We can take actions to reduce the amount of dust mite levels in our homes by following a few points.

Your pet’s fur and feathers increase the food source for dust mites. If you are a pet lover, move their cages or sleeping quarters as far away as possible from your beds and seating areas. Move their sleeping area to a place where it can be cleaned easily.

One of the most important things for removing dust mites is your vacuum cleaner. If your budget can afford it, the best vacuums to buy are the Vacuums with a water filter or vacuums with a HEPA filter. It pays to vacuum thoroughly once a week rather than a quick once over every day.  Spend a lot of time thoroughly vacuuming lounges, your favourite TV chairs, carpets and rugs. In the bedroom, vacuum, dust or wash window furnishings, bed heads, bedside tables anywhere dust can settle. Move your bed and vacuum under and around the entire area. Try to remove as much clutter in the room as possible, the more clutter you have creates more area for dust to settle.

Dust first before you vacuum, this will give it time to settle on the floor. Using a damp cloth will help prevent dust to scatter and furniture sprays will help prevent dust scatter.

Enclose mattresses, pillows and doonas with premium quality waterproof encasements. Wash bedding and children’s soft toys weekly in warm water and any detergent at approx. 25C as this will eliminate most dust mites. If you cannot wash your blankets, have them dry cleaned at least once a year. If you have carpet in your room, vacuum regularly and have it steamed cleaned once a year.

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