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Mattress Protector Waterproof Protect.A.Bed Staynew Premium Absorbent Cotton Terry Fitted Style

  • Protection From Mild Bed Wetting & incontinence Spills & Stains
  • Absorbs up to 1.8L of fluid on a queen size.
  • White Terry Towel Surface Machine Wash& Dryer Safe
  • Super Absorbent Premium Cotton Terry
  • Waterproof soft & breathable membrane backing
  • Fits all Standard and extra deep mattresses
  • Can Be Used With Electric Blankets( under or over)
  • Australian Made  

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Protect.A.Bed Staynew Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector Absorbent Cotton Terry Fitted Style

Mattress Protector Waterproof Protect.A.Bed Staynew Premium Absorbent Cotton Terry Fitted Style 2

Please Note: If bed wetting is an issue we highly recommend you also purchase our waterproof linen protector for complete mattress protection click this link to our linen protectors

Protect your expensive mattress with a ComfortShield Deluxe Waterproof Mattress Protector
Protect your expensive mattress with a Staynew waterproof mattress protector. Protect your mattress from  perspiration stains, dust mites, liquid spills , body fluids and light bed wetting. Great Value For Money.

Protect.A.Bed Staynew waterproof mattress protector has an adsorbent terry towel surface also features the ground breaking  waterproof Miracle Membrane backing with Total Heat Transference Formula for ultimate dryness and comfort.

The Miracle Membrane backing also lets air and body heat to pass through the membrane which keeps your mattress comfortable and not noisy to sleep on. The Staynew waterproof mattress protector also offers excellent protection from dust mites and other allergens providing a safe environment while you sleep. This fitted sheet style mattress protector fits perfectly on any mattress and is also easily removed for washing. Will fit mattress depths 20-40cm

Why should we use waterproof mattress and pillow protectors?

FACT: Every night the human body loses approximately a litre of body fluids through the skin pores and mouth, as well as millions of skin flakes, which are absorbed into your mattress and pillows, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites (a major cause of Asthma, eczema and rhinitis.)  Waterproof protectors are not just for bed wetting or incontinence problems but will keep your beds in pristine condition. Your beds are a huge investment so it makes good sense to protect them with waterproof protectors.

As many as 2 million dust mites have been counted in unprotected mattresses and it only takes 4 months for an unprotected mattress to become infested. It is not the dust mite that most people are allergic to, it is their fecal pellet they leave behind. The dust mite pellet has been responsible for extensive allergy suffering and numerous asthma related deaths

Note: If you are not using waterproof  bedding protectors, you are leaving your mattress and pillows open to staining and hygiene problems.

Have you purchased a new mattress?
You should never use a new mattress or pillow without a waterproof protector on it as stains build up very quickly. It can take just one single night sleeping on an unprotected mattress or pillow for it to become stained. Imagine you had bought a new mattress for your bed and used it on the first night without a mattress protector and became aware of something being not right or faulty with your new mattress, if it has any stains or marks on it, then the shop you bought it from can and will refuse to exchange it. So when buying a new mattress or pillows always fit a waterproof protector on it straight away. Don’t take any risks.

  • Staynew Premium Super Absorbent Terry Cotton Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector Australian Made
  • Features:
  • Protection for bed wetting & incontinence problems
  • Absorbs up to 1.8L of fluid on a queen size.
  • Expands to fit depths 20-50cm will fit standard & pillow top mattresses
  • Repels liquids and protects your mattress from liquid spills, body fluids, stains,
  • Helps with dust mite infestation and stops bacteria breeding
  • Safe to use with an electric blanket
  • Machine wash and tumble dry safe to 70*
  • Fits all standard and deep size mattresses 20-50cm
  • Waterproof breathable membrane backing fitted skirt 100% polyester knit

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